Why Interactive Stress Management Workshops are Good for Employees & Business

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Worksafe Queensland is a government department that is championing the need to focus on mental health as a key priority for every employer.

It is the case that a healthy worker ( mentally and physically ) is up to five (5) times more productive than an unhealthy worker.

Mental well-being and resilience for people in the workplace is enhanced through targeted staff learning and development programs.

As experts in the field of mental health and well-being in the workplace Guidelight Psychology delivers a range of interactive Stress Management Workshops in half day and full day staff group formats.

These programs are embedded with powerful tools and strategies drawn from our specialist knowledge of Advanced Positive Psychology.

Even if your workplace is not yet ready to contact us to engage our full workshop approach, please enjoy reading about some simple but powerful strategies each person can adopt right now, from the Worksafe article in the link below.


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