About Us

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Guidelight History

Guidelight Pty Ltd is a Gold Coast based firm established in 1994.  While our Head Office remains in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region, we have established a network of business operations throughout Australia.

Our Guidelight Psychology team are Mental & Physical health experts who are specialists in the human aspects of work and organizational life refer our website www.guidelight.com.au.  We provide appropriate and effective solutions for our clients to meet their specific needs.  At all levels we strive to deliver a high quality level of service that helps to build a healthier workplace.

The Development of the “Creating Healthier Workplaces” Program

When Peter Doyle (www.guidelight.com.au)  started his own health and wellness journey in January 2013 he simply thought he was going to lose weight and get a little fitter.  Whilst undertaking a training program with the experienced personal trainer Nikki Wakerley (www.nikkiwakerley.com.au) he discovered so much more including the desire to share his insights, and Nikki’s personal training and coaching ideas to help others. Peter & Nikki have combined their extensive experiences to develop a unique program forworkplace clients, both  in large or small organisations called “Creating Healthier Workplaces” 

Merging  corporate experience with health and wellbeing insights, we have created an exceptional program to assist business owners, proprietors and managers to get so much more out of their own lives as well as making their work environments healthier, more appealing to employees and more conducive to higher level thinking and productivity.

Meet the Foundation Team of “Creating Healthier Workplaces”


Peter Doyle, Founder of Creating Healthier Workplaces

Peter Doyle, Founder of Creating Healthier Workplaces


Peter Doyle is an experienced psychologist, skilled trainer/facilitator and inspirational health and wellness coach. His professional and academic background in applied motivational and attitudinal performance development of people and workplace groups has been established for more than twenty five years. Peter has extensive experience in Psychology, in the public and private sectors. His psychological expertise is complemented by a solid understanding of business practices and appreciation of various workplace demands, structures and expectations. Peter has the additional practical expertise of having built several businesses from the conceptual level to profitable enterprises, with the ability to educate his clients to utilise advanced positive psychology approaches to achieve extraordinary lifestyle results.




Nikki Wakerley, Founder of Creating Healthier Workplaces

Nikki Wakerley


Nikki Wakerley is an outstanding Health and Wellness Professional with 15 years experience working in Australia and Overseas. A high level Health & Wellness consultant who provides a ’boutique care management service’  in partnership with a Coaching Psychologist to deliver Personal Change and Health Living Transformation uniquely personalised for each client.

Nikki has trained celebrity clients on Super Yachts, taken clients on hikes through the Alaskan hinterland and conducted aerobic classes in the Carribbean as well as running her own personal training company in Australia. As an experienced and gifted Personal Trainer, Nikki embodies a striking ability to coach, move and inspire her clients along their unique journey towards improved health, vitality and expanded well being. In addition Nikki has a powerful understanding of nutritional and body energy routines that, when fine-tuned, will make a significant positive difference to the quality of a clients restorative sleep patterns, ease of weight loss, energized physical posture, positive emotions, self confidence and personal presence. 
It is rare that such professional physical health capabilities that have been honed by Ms. Nikki Wakerley, are delivered in a personalized way that gently reflects an ability to meet and nurture the client at whatever level is comfortable for them.