How Psychology Is Contributing To Workplace Excellence

At Guidelight Psychology we value providing public & professional recognition to those workplaces we consult with who enjoy gaining transformational changes when they effectively apply positive psychological principles across their staff team. The application of psychology will improve workplace efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Organisations will gain significant advancement in staff members health, well-being and performance, […]

6 Roadblocks to Top Level Team Performance

Six Roadblocks to Top Level Team Performance

In just 3 weeks time we look forward to hosting the first in our annual series of half day Leadership forums for 2016. Any interested person who desires to expand upon their personal power as a leader and build upon their capacity to utilize advance positive psychology skills is warmly invited to register to attend. […]

Team Training

Growing A Staff Team To Success

Congratulations to the 30 people who are the heart of the Eyecon Pty. Ltd. success story in 2015. These staff members ( give or take a handful of workplace departures/arrivals )  committed to a journey of personal development crafted into day long workshop formats, delivered quarterly over this year by Guidelight. 

Boss or Leader? It’s Your Choice

In the recently released 2015 Australian Psychological Society Stress & Wellbeing Surveys, 75% of Australian workers who were in the sample, indicated that stress was having at least some impact on their physical health. Furthermore 68% of respondents from the workforce indicated that stress was having at least some impact on their mental health.


Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workplace

Last Friday I participated in The Qld Workplace Mental Health Program 2015 a stimulating one day workshop in Brisbane,  hosted by the Australian School of Applied Management and concentrating on Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workplace. The focus of this professional development day was to equip Australian organisations with best practice strategies for identifying […]

Workplace Mental Health

Better Workplace Performance By Improving Mental Health & Well-Being

Better Workplace Performance by Improving Mental Health & Well-Being. How do we best develop workplace environments that motivate, empower & build capacity within people & teams? Leaders can facilitate multiple strategies to create “third way” win-win solutions. The “third way” requires courage and discernment from leaders who are willing to allow creative tension and conflict […]

Well Being – A Workplace Bottom Line Issue

I recently came across a captivating Youtube clip from a leading innovative firm, Steelcase. Enjoy checking it out for a few minutes and see why the concept of taking seriously staff members happiness and wellbeing at work is not just a nice idea, it is essential. When a person at work is in a positive […]

Why is our Creating Healthier Workplaces program so effective?

Our program is focussed on enhancing each participant’s level of inspiration and self belief. The personal development rituals and techniques we model to achieve this positive growth in each participant is underpinned by the concept of – “ Immersion “. This means that throughout the program participants are gaining a priceless insight, and more conscious […]