Stress management

One Day Interactive Stress Management Workshops – Why They Are So Good !

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It is not what happens to you in life’s events that matters most, but rather how you choose to react to those events. Our stress management workshops are based on some key building blocks from the field of positive psychology. For instance it is not possible to predict and control in advance all the outcomes we will experience in our daily lives at either work or home.

Instead learning to “Let Go’ the need to control everything and instead developing resilience, adaptability and acceptance in a changing world, significantly enhances the clarity of mind and sense of purposeful competence for participants in our workshops.

Crisp, clear communication, plus laughter, creativity and advanced problem solving flows best for people when they can quickly tap into emotionally refreshing stress management techniques that give us “ Peace of Mind”.

Over the past twenty years we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of interesting clients in small group settings on either our half day or full day Interactive Stress Management Workshops. The subsequent refinement and reshaping of our content from all this valuable participant feedback coupled with conceptual advances in our own knowledge base as professional psychologists, has culminated in our current confidence as to the power of even one day of learning about stress management with us to change the quality of a person’s life for good.

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