Workplace Mental Health

Better Workplace Performance By Improving Mental Health & Well-Being

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Better Workplace Performance by Improving Mental Health & Well-Being. How do we best develop workplace environments that motivate, empower & build capacity within people & teams?

Leaders can facilitate multiple strategies to create “third way” win-win solutions. The “third way” requires courage and discernment from leaders who are willing to allow creative tension and conflict within a staff team to generate new ideas/strategies, rather than just overriding or shutting down any dissent from the people in your team.

How well people at work develop rituals that support physical, emotional, intellectual and physical building blocks is a major predictor of sustained high performance in the workplace

At work everyone has a characteristic set of strengths and virtues, that is, things that they are naturally “good” or “strong” on.  Does it matter if your workplace allows for the application of your signature character strengths?

Research has found that the more signature strengths were applied at the workplace, the higher the positive experiences at work were. In other words, if there exists a good match between your personal strengths and the job demands, you are more likely to be satisfied with your job and experience positive emotions and deliver outstanding results.

The two key elements of a strength are delivering a high level of performance and experiencing a sense of energy when you are doing it. If one of these is missing, it is not a strength.

When you have performance without energy, over time, you will burn out. The satisfaction of a job well done, the positive reinforcement of pats-on-the-back, the little voice that continues in telling you that you have to keep doing it.

Over time, the impact of all of this runs out. They are not strengths, they are learned behaviours. In other words, learned behaviours are things at which you perform well, but which you find de-energising or draining. Over time, they will lead to burn-out if not used in moderation.

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