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“Upon meeting both Peter and Nikki from Guidelight it became quickly apparent that our QLD business was overlooking a crucial element within our overall wellness programme.   Our Leadership Team often spoke about the strength of Spirit and Mind in our leadership based conversations and behaviours however we never explored, I suggest purposely, the critical element of Body.   I think we all silently understood the power of a healthy body but chose NOT to address this mainly because of our own fear of physical pain or possibly individual disciplines required around our own diets.

After listening to Peter and Nikki talk about the interdependency of our own Physical Capacity to complement our Emotional, Intellectual and Inspirational Leadership capacities it was like a light-bulb moment for me.  Simply put, the majority of the Scottish Pacific QLD Leadership Team willingly committed to an 8 week “Creating Healthier Workplaces” programme with Guidelight.  Now we have almost completed the 2 months and the physical transformation within our team members is remarkable.  More importantly, the team members are now openly talking about longer term lifestyle choices and rituals that will continue with them I believe for the rest of their lives.

Thank-you Peter and Nikki for making such a positive change to the Scottish Pacific QLD business”. 

Scottish PacificPaul Tonges.  (General Manager – Scottish Pacific Business Finance QLD/NT)



“Hey Peter – just wanted to give you some feedback.  As I mentioned this year I am sharing the opportunity with my senior staff and ‘rotating’ attendance at your Leadership Forum. As you are aware my In Home Coordinator, Denise, attended yesterday. She was very impressed – unfortunately it is not often enough I see/hear her rave about much so I was very happy that she got so much out of it. I have ‘encouraged’ her that perhaps she would benefit from booking some one on one time with either yourself or one of your female counsellors. Time will tell and I hope that she does.”

Jo Todoruk, General Manager, Nerang Respite Care Assn


Your Creating Healthier Workplaces Program has delivered brilliant positive change. This positive change has provided benefits on many levels, from reducing managers’ time spent on HR issues to increasing productivity in all areas of the business – thank you to you and Nikki! This benefit is priceless to me and the business – thank you again to you both, what a great partnership you have created! And, I wanted to let you know how important this is becoming for those involved. Your program has certainly sown some long term seeds of success!”
Mark Bibby – General Manager, Regen Australia

“Peter, the joy of seeing the smile on the face one of our young female staff members who is already 11kgs lighter and so much more energetic and positive since the start of your program is fantastic. Even Better is the positive change in some of the previously more negative staff members.
Mark Bibby – General Manager, Regen Australia

“NTI is Australia’s leading transport insurance specialist. Since 2001, Guidelight has been a highly respected business partner to the NTI team by providing integrated staff coaching services and leadership development across NTI offices in Australia. We have found the depth and diversity of counseling and coaching solutions provided to our employees and managers by Guidelight to be very effective. Guidelight has provided our People with a wide range of tools, strategies and techniques that have added considerable value to our business.”
John Brereton – National Transport Insurance ( NTI ) General Manager – People & Technology

“Peter – Thank you for the link, I’m very impressed with the blog and the Healthier Workplaces Program looks fantastic as well. I will be sure to keep in touch, it’s always inspiring to meet driven and ambitious people like yourself.”
Nick Holder – University of Queensland Post Graduate Researcher in Molecular Biology and Muscle Mass Nutrition

“ Thank you for helping our staff, Judy is very impressed with your service to her and we can notice a huge positive change in the workplace”
Kate O’Donoghue – Human Resources Manager, Mercure Resort, Surfers Paradise

The fact that Guidelight have been continuous providers to our firm for two years is testimony to our belief that they are a value for money firm who consistently model their core values of Integrity, Commitment and Balance in all their dealings with RCI staff.
Susan Draper – Human Resources Manager – Group RCI Pacific

“Thank you Peter, all is going very well. Have even used the DESC a couple of times to good affect – so powerful. I will take with me some good life values after many meetings with you.”
Greg Wheat – Property Operations Manager – Conrad Jupiters Casino

“We really value the leadership forums and will be renewing our membership for another year. Thank you so much for all your support of our organisation and our staff, Peter. We really appreciate it.”
Andrea Lee – CEO – SCISCO Career Pathways

“Since 2007, Guidelight has been an outstanding partner to the Gold Coast Health District Service Employee Assistance Program.

The range and diversity of counselling and coaching solutions provided to our staff members by Guidelight has been of a very high standard, with an impressive range of tools, strategies and techniques that have added value to our workplace and given needed support to our internal EAS program.

Furthermore Guidelight is a firm that actively invests time and resources in developing value adding relationships to support all levels of employees in our organization, particularly in conflict resolution and coaching of managers and supervisors.

Guidelight have been our main external referral service and have adapted to a highly complex and diverse organizational setting with successful outcomes for multiple challenging cases. This is testimony to our belief that they are a well managed firm who consistently model their core values of Integrity, Commitment and Balance in all their dealings with the Gold Coast Health District Executives and our staff.

I have pleasure in providing this testimonial, having consistently found Guidelight to provide quality EAP services to our organization in an ethical, professional and highly effective fashion that delivers both financial and workplace performance benefits to our business.”
Irene Keda – Manager – Employee Assistance Service – Gold Coast Health Service District


“I have known Peter Doyle since the late 1990’s and I have always found his professionalism, personal manner, advice, coaching and counselling to be inspirational and insightful; his methods are innovative, creative and inspiring. Certainly exactly what I need in order to move forward at various points in time.


I have only recently been introduced to Nikki, yet somehow feel like I have known her much longer.  Her enthusiasm and joy about fitness and health is contagious, and she really is a step-above the other personal trainers I have worked with in the past.  I am very much looking forward to working with her into the future.


The benefit I am getting from having both Peter’s and Nikki’s skills and experience at my disposal is beyond words; through the combination of advanced psychology and personal training they are able to truly understand me and therefore get the best out of me to help me achieve my goals sooner rather than later – and have fun along the way.  It certainly feels like things are starting to come together for me, and it won’t be long for the next level of wonderful personal results to start to show.


The wellness in the wilderness day was one of inspiration, faith, camaraderie and fun.  Aspects of the day were physically challenging, others were spiritually enlightening, and some were just silliness with fits of laughter and fun, moving and connecting with my body in ways I haven’t done in a long time; it was definitely a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational day.”

Ms. Karen Buckley, ( Former HR Manager, Gold Coast City Council )