How Psychology Is Contributing To Workplace Excellence

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At Guidelight Psychology we value providing public & professional recognition to those workplaces we consult with who enjoy gaining transformational changes when they effectively apply positive psychological principles across their staff team.

The application of psychology will improve workplace efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Organisations will gain significant advancement in staff members health, well-being and performance, coupled with increased loyalty and commitment.

One such organisation is Eyecon Pty. Ltd., a thriving computer gaming/software provider with approximately 35 staff based in Brisbane.

Regularly since March 2015, via quarterly one day workshops, the Eyecon team have focussed on advanced interpersonal skills, reflective self awareness, personal power and growth mindset approaches to become an increasingly high performance workplace. In our consulting role, we also have the opportunity to provide aspects of personal and executive coaching.

It is worthwhile celebrating the ongoing success of Eyecon as a thriving organisation and noting that the application of effective psychology tools within the workplace is almost limitless.

In a recent article in the February 2016 edition of the Australian Psychological Society  InPsych Bulletin, Dr Timothy Bendall, Chair of the National College of Organisational Psychologists said

“ Psychology is indispensable for organisations in many sectors wishing to make a real difference to the way they work or the outcomes they achieve. Many face difficult conditions but psychology can provide evidence-based, measurable and highly cost effective solutions to a range of challenges”.

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