Personal & Executive Coaching Services

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Are you a Leader in your Workplace?
If you don’t have the answers, who does?


As you have moved up the promotional ladder, you have sometimes found it more and more difficult to share frankly your deepest thoughts, uncertainties, feelings and questions.

You know that there is a whole lot that you DON’T yet know … but who do you ask without revealing that you really don’t have all the answers?

Welcome to the world of the isolated, hard working, CEO.

Like CEO’s in organizations all over the world, you know that you need a better work-life balance, that you should hand over more to your team, or that you should be learning more……..

……But, somehow, you just can’t get far enough away from the daily urgency to work out how to do this for yourself. 

Do you need a Coach? someone to listen to you, extend you, hold you accountable, encourage you, introduce you to new skills and learning, and celebrate with you your personal milestones?

 Do you need someone who can help you to see the forest for the trees, and bring a fresh perspective to the obsessions of your daily challenge? 

Or are you a CEO with excess capacity? Someone who is willing to make a generous donation of time and energy to help others who need and would be prepared to be a coach or mentor for others? 

Perhaps you are both! Perhaps you have the capacity to coach and support others in the pursuit of advanced people performance skills, AND would enjoy being coached and extended by another supportive professional. 

Peter Doyle is an executive coaching psychologist, the Founder of Guidelight Psychology on the Gold Coast (established 1994) and more recently, Peter Doyle Coaching which works with clients across Brisbane, Gold Coast and even further afield thanks to Skype.

As a skilled trainer/facilitator and inspirational business coach, Peter has firsthand business experience as the owner of Guidelight, as well as the professional and academic background to help you with motivational and attitudinal performance development. Peter has been developing workplace coaching and leader mentoring programs for over two decades and has built a number of successful business operations from start up to sustained enterprise.

Contact Peter Doyle Coaching about how he could help you and your workplace, by developing and delivering an outstanding coaching and mentoring program for yourself and/or your leadership team.