Creating Healthier Workplaces Packages

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 Package 1 – “Be Inspired”

Our One day “Wellness” Program is an inspiring and nurturing health and well-being day, introducing the concept of Creating a Healthier Workplace.

Benefit to the company:

To introduce the company and the employee to the concept of being healthier, fitter and better motivated through an introduction to our various psychological and fitness tools that can be used to increase performance in the workplace and enhance personal effectiveness and work/life balance.

Package 2“Get Motivated”

A 3-week introductory program designed to motivate your staff and provide them with the tools to improve their mental and physical fitness levels, which will improve their work performance AND their outlook on life, through enhanced personal effectiveness and vitality. This is done by learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices and developing each persons emotional intelligence and positive thinking intellectual capacity.

Benefit to the company:

Improved performance of your employees. A beginning point designed to show what can be achieved if our recommended lifestyle changes are adopted and expanded into core long term enhancement of a staff members self concept, by choosing to develop further into our blue ribbon 8 week program, to gain transformational results for life

Package 3“Create Life Long Changes”

An intensive 8-week program designed to see results both physically and mentally at an extraordinary level which creates the platform for life long fitness in mind, body and soul. Individual staff participants will experience their potential for a profound positive shift in their self concept and motivation. Underpinned by our expertise in the psychology of advanced personal performance, leading edge nutritional well-being, inspirational personal training routines and balanced life coaching.

Benefit to the company:

This program will increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and create a happier and more motivated state of mind for all employees. Comparative ROI evaluations indicate a bottom line efficiency and financial benefit to the workplace by approximately a 4 to 1 ratio on your initial investment.

For more information on any of the above packages please contact our office (07) 5527 0123 to arrange a personal meeting with one of our professionals.