Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing Priorities for Employers To Consider

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Mental & Physical Health

Mental & Physical Health for employees

As either a workplace leader or as a motivated co-worker how do you identify and support team members experiencing mental health issues and reduced wellbeing ?  Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing should be priorities for Employers to Consider

Furthermore how do you develop techniques among your staff for enhancing people’s personal resilience and what workplace leadership strategies best encourage positive mental health resilience in team members ?

Quality programs, such as ours, that can remove (or significantly reduce ) the source of mental health/stress for people at work are well worth the investment dollars for the employer.

Not only do “people matter” in a genuine personal/professional sense. There is also an increasingly punitive legislative OHS requirement for employers to properly address these matters of importance. In a recent program evaluation for an Australian insurance firm, it was positive to note that 64% of leaders attending a team mental health and wellbeing program reported follow up improvements in A) staff members personal wellbeing, B)staff members personal productivity at work and C)staff members quality of relationships with other work colleagues.

Contact us directly to learn more about the reasons using one of our unique Creating Healthier Workplaces suite of programs is such a valuable investment for your workplace.

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