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Growing A Staff Team To Success

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Congratulations to the 30 people who are the heart of the Eyecon Pty. Ltd. success story in 2015.

These staff members ( give or take a handful of workplace departures/arrivals )  committed to a journey of personal development crafted into day long workshop formats, delivered quarterly over this year by Guidelight. 

We saw an initially fragmented & partly dispirited bunch of individuals grow into an inspired, interconnected group delivering outstanding results through crisp clear communication and advanced awareness of their personal power to influence positively through relationships.

Some other interesting aspects of this integrated staff development process was the inclusion of outdoor activities, for a couple of hours ( GoKarting, Lawn Bowls, Golf ) to foster a spirit of playfulness and interpersonal connection during each of the day long workshops.

Grow a Staff Team To Success


Staff Development Seminar & Workshop

A number of common staff challenges, can limit the potential of the people in your work place to perform at their best. Even more damaging than the obvious signs such as workplace tardiness, constant errors, poor decision making, strained relationships between staff members and mediocre attention to customers; it is the insidious cost to each workplace in terms of lost time, energy and loss of people’s well-being spent struggling with these issues.

In an interactive Half Day seminar format, we will highlight a number of people performance solutions that can enhance your workplace.

Please enjoy checking out some selected photos of staff members participating in various advanced people performance skills development segments of their third one day workshop, recently completed on a beautiful Brisbane summers day.

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