Why is our Creating Healthier Workplaces program so effective?

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chw newsletter marchOur program is focussed on enhancing each participant’s level of inspiration and self belief. The personal development rituals and techniques we model to achieve this positive growth in each participant is underpinned by the concept of – “ Immersion “. This means that throughout the program participants are gaining a priceless insight, and more conscious awareness into the patterns of higher level thinking associated with elite performers.

Our psychological model creates the chance for participants to practice self reflection and develop greater insight about how and where their own previously limiting beliefs might originate from and then to dissolve them. Then we fast track this powerful change by integrating more positive self-talk rituals, specifically focussed on how champions learn to acknowledge their fears and doubts while still choosing to take action and step forward as a leader. This capacity to grow your own “mental fitness” is a magnificent skill set that can be learnt by any motivated person at any stage of life.

The depth of personal power and goal focussed presence that will flow from working diligently on our own “mental fitness” is not just restricted to achieving outstanding workplace results, the same energy will lift up our lives in any field of worthwhile endeavour and service. The people we live and engage with deeply as family and/or good friends are always delighted to see how our program graduates show up as more peaceful, powerful and inspirational people.

It is for us as the program facilitators, a privilege to spend time immersed in the company of people of character, who as our valued clients are enjoying the challenge of the programs journey of courageously learning to be the best they can be !


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