Invitation to Complimentary Information Session

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!  CALL 07 5527 0123 There is a responsibility for all employers to ensure that their staff have the tools to cope in stressful situations which may arise in work environments. Do you want employees who are motivated, happy and at the peak of their performance levels?

How to motivate yourself and your staff team after the holidays !

A perfect way to kick start employees energy & enthusiasm into 2015 is to engage the key people in your team in a workplace health and wellness program.  Read our “ Coming Events” section to learn more about our complimentary information sessions running over breakfast in late January where we showcase our inspirational 8 week […]

Creating Healthier Workplaces

How does the employer benefit by creating a healthier workplace?

How does the employer benefit by creating a healthier workplace? In our last monthly newsletter in October we commented briefly on the relevance of “ mental health week” from an employer’s perspective.   In particular, we highlighted how the employer is being held increasingly accountable under workplace OHS legislation for the health and well-being (especially mental […]

Introduction To Creating Healthier Workplaces

For two decades I have led a firm of coaching psychologists who deliver positive psychology tools to assist people at work get even better results for themselves personally and in their career. Over the last 18 months, I have had my eyes opened, by working closely with an extraordinarily motivating personal trainer, Nikki Wakerley. Together […]

Balancing Stress in Our Hectic Lives

No one likes to feel stressed and with the pace that we move at today it’s no wonder we can feel overwhelmed and like we’ve had enough. There is so much research on stress and there are some positives and negatives of having it in our lives.